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Alix Generous (born 1992) is an internationally acclaimed professional speaker, neuroscientist, author, artist, consultant, comedian, and media producer. As an active participant in the Ableism movement, her TED talk “My Inner Life…” has received over 1.4 million views. Her works have been featured on NPR, Bloomberg Businessweek, TEDx, and the Sydney Opera House. She promotes ableism through high impact media, comedy, and creative storytelling and is an advocate for scientific literacy, child welfare, and for the advancement of vulnerable populations in STEM and the entertainment industry.

She grew up in Washington DC. At 17, She attended the College of Charleston and University Vermont where she studied Psychology, Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience. At 19, Generous won the 2012 Citizen Science Biodiversity competition for her paper on coral reefs and microbiology which she then presented at the United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity and subsequently had her work published with Columbia University’s Consilience: Journal of Sustainable Development. During that time, she also hosted her own radioshow “Brains and Fluff: Making Science Sexy”. At 20, she was a youth delegate with SustainUS at the United Nations Convention of Climate Change on issues concerning technology transfer.

During that time, she was asked to consult Podium (formerly AutismSees), a social impact company that creates technology to help high functioning autistic millennials improve their presentation skills. She subsequentially became a co-founder with tech innovator Danielle Feerst. In her 2015 TED talk, she comedically shares how tech improved her public speaking skills. 

When she’s not speaking at conferences, she lives in Los Angeles where she works in media production, consulting, and writing and illustrating her next book.



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Communicating My Inner Life with Aspergers

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Alix’s TED talk June 2015 at TEDWomen

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Alix offers services as a motivational speaker for issues concerning science, mental health, STEM, and women. Alix is an experienced professional speaker who tailors each speech individually towards the needs of the organization and it’s audience.

Alix has spoken for prominent organizations including Girls Inc., 4H, The College of Charleston Business School, The National Speakers Association, TEDx, and the United Nations.


AutismSees Presents Podium

Podium (Formerly AutismSees) was founded to bring a tech solution for young adults who fear eye contact while speaking or fear making public presentations. Higher-functioning teens and young adults on the spectrum with social communication disorders who are entering the workforce need tools to prepare for interviews; open-ended dialogue and debates; team presentations; and personal and professional relationships. Podium instills confidence, allowing users to enhance soft skills needed to succeed in life.

Our mission is to enhance the social and occupational functioning of teens and young adults with technology that allows users to practice public speaking, interviewing, and presenting to a virtual audience. For more information, check out our website: www.autismsees.com

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