Alix Generous (born 1992) is a mental health activist, speaker, and writer. Her TED talk “My Inner Life…” has received over 1.5 million views. Her works have been featured on NPR, Bloomberg Businessweek, TEDx, and the Sydney Opera House. Through high impact media, comedy, and creative storytelling, she advocates for scientific literacy, child welfare, and for the advancement of Mental Diversity. She grew up in Washington DC. At 17, She attended the College of Charleston where she studied Psychology, Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience.

 At 19, Generous won the 2012 Citizen Science Biodiversity competition for her paper on coral reefs and microbiology which she then presented at the United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity and subsequently had her work published with Columbia University’s Consilience: Journal of Sustainable Development. During that time, she also hosted her own radioshow “Brains and Fluff: Making Science Sexy”. At 20, she was a youth delegate with SustainUS at the United Nations Convention of Climate Change.

As a mental health advocate, she has successfully consulted families, companies, and academic institutions and points them towards resources and values that improve the status of disabled individuals. She has spoken all over the world, from the Sydney Opera House to Budapest, Hungary stressing the importance of mental diversity. As a writer, she works with several companies writing guest blogs and articles that increase awareness on issues concerning disability rights. She lives in Los Angeles and has a service dog named Chauncey.


Alix provides the following professional services:

Educational Consultant: Alix works privately with families to help them find the best educational & therapeutic resources for their child. She specializes in working with Aspergers & Autism.

Speaking: Alix speaks at several conferences a year and hosts many workshops.

Writing: Alix can write guest articles for your website, company, or magazine.

To hire Alix or inquire about any of her services, please email info@alixgenerous.com

A Voice for #MentalDiversity

 Her 2015 TED talk has gained over 1.4 million views on TED.

Alix offers services as a keynote speaker for select events on issues concerning science, mental health, STEM, and women.

Notable clients include the Sydney Opera House, TED, TEDx, United Nations, among many others. You can inquire about her availability to speak at your next event by emailing info@alixgenerous.com.