Popsugar takes on Autism

Out of the blue, I received an email from PopSugar asking me to be on their show “Pretty Unfiltered” hosted by Kirbie Johnson. I know Popsugar but I hadn’t heard about this show until I looked it up and saw some people I admire being hosted on previous episodes. For all of you who don’t [...]

Speaking at The Sydney Opera House: A Reflection

As I reflect on 2016, I think of all the wonderful opportunities I've had to help others in mental health advocacy and all the milestones I've accomplished. I quit AutismSees. I spoke at several conferences. I graduated College. I moved to Los Angeles. My dog Chauncey passed her service dog training. I wanted to highlight one [...]

Alix Generous Resigns from AutismSees to Pursue New Ventures

Generous comedically mentions how AutismSees and the App Podium helped improve her public speaking skills. Alix Generous resigns as Co-founder from AutismSees to pursue new technology projects in Los Angeles. AutismSees is known for their application Podium which Generous mentions in her 2015 TED talk which has gained over 1.4 million views. [...]

Feeling With Heightened Senses

An Aspergers Perspective on Living With Sensory Integration Issues. Some of the greatest struggles I had before I went to treatment at 11 are sensory integration problems. My sensitivities to food, certain fabrics in clothes, and the feel of water on my skin created a huge struggle to be a fully functional human being. Growing [...]

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