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Popsugar takes on Autism

Out of the blue, I received an email from PopSugar asking me to be on their show “Pretty Unfiltered” hosted by Kirbie Johnson. I know Popsugar but I hadn’t heard about this show until I looked it up and saw some people I admire being hosted on previous episodes. For all of you who don’t know, Demi Lovato is an amazing advocate for mental illness as well as being a talented musician. My guilty pleasure, the bachelorette Rachel Lindsay was featured, as well as Lizzie Velásquez, a girl with a rare disease that advocates around the world redefining beauty. What I love about them is they keep it real. Long story short, I obviously said yes.

Within a week I met with Kirbie Johnson and shot the interview. Johanna and I connected over the fact we both went to Quaker schools and grew up in the same area. The makeup artist and I had heart to heart about discrimination. (It was deep, yo.) In short, the whole crew at Popsugar were kind, personable, and sincere. Here’s the link to the interview I had with them. Enjoy!


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